Indonesia Capital City When Mudik Tradition

Have a unique when mudik season comes, what is mudik?. Mudik is when a people back to village location they from. So many people when close to ied mubarak day they are back to village where they came from.

In jakarta and some city, when part of people mudik. The city be a quiet. Road, mall, and office look quiet. No many vechile in this city. The air feels good. This picture give a how to the air in jakarta when busy and when ied mubarak day.

This picture take when morning with same time, show slowly the pollution gone and make Jakarta have a cool air. in 24 june show how Jakarta when normal day. In 27 june Jakarta look like don’t have good air when morning, its because many a pollution. Look how deferent  until 27 june. Its nice yeah. I like when my capital city have a cool air. The sun light, the rood, the day. Its look greate for me.

I hope we can care about pollution, care with a tree. Care with a river, care with animal. Because we life together. Being human we must care with natural.


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