4 Ways to Prevent Disease in the Rainy Season

1. Prepare Rain Accessories
The most effective way to not get sick during the rainy season is to wear rain gear. The main components of rain gear are umbrellas, raincoats or hooded jackets, and waterproof shoes. If you have a complete set of raindrop accessories, the chances of getting sick are really reduced.

2. Consumption of Vitamin C
Vitamin C, as a cure for common cold, is still debated by medical researchers. What it really reduces the severity of cold symptoms. With a healthy supply of vitamin C in your body, you will resist cold virus antibodies faster.

3. Reduce Smoking
Smoking carries temporary relief during the cold days of the rainy season because its head brings a small amount of heat to the body. Unfortunately, cigarette smoke weakens one's respiratory system, which is a common problem area when you are being soaked in rainwater.

4. Bath when you are raining
Upon hearing it, this suggestion seems far-fetched. If you think about it clearly, shower immediately after getting soaking wet by the rain really makes sense. The disease develops when your body undergoes drastic changes in temperature. Baths stabilize the cold temperature brought by the rain drops then re-apply the changes gradually to your normal temperature once you dry yourself.


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