How to Lose Stomach Fat in Three Weeks

               We often feel insecure when having a distended stomach. Distended stomach is not very good to see and also not good for health. With exercise is effective enough to remove a distended stomach, so you can choose this way. Each sport has good benefits for the body, which with exercise can help burn fat in the body that is released through sweat. For most people having a distended stomach is a big problem, it is because the distended stomach can trigger various kinds of impending diseases such as hypertension, heart, kidney or liver disorders and even stroke.

                So do not be left too long to have a pot belly. You should eliminate it within 3 weeks with the following sports:

1. Aerobics
 Aerobics is one of the most recommended types of exercise because it can burn calories gradually and consistently.
In contrast to other exhausting sports such as football or short distance running, aerobic exercise retains important elements of good physical activity, which is continuous, has a rhythm with regular intensity in the form of warming, klimas, and cooling movements. This makes the intake of oxygen is not consumed quickly and can burn calories effectively.

2. Swim
Swimming is a sport that can shrink the distended stomach without putting a burden on a particular pedestal point of the body.
This will greatly help someone who has obesity to be able to exercise comfortably without burdening his legs to support the body. The principle in the sport of swimming is not much different from aerobic exercise, where the combustion of oxygen and calories occur gradually.

3. Cycling

This sport is fun and can be done while walking around and enjoy the scenery outside. When you are in for a minimum of 30 minutes, you can burn 300 calories and you can imagine doing it longer than that time. So the bait has been shown to shrink belly in 3 weeks and many in like many people.

4. Bicycle Exercise

Movement of this sport is similar to people who cycled, but the difference does not use a bicycle tool. The way to do this movement is easy, that is, you just lay your body in the position of both hands behind the head, then lift your knees to the chest while lifting the head with the shoulders still in a state of sticking to the floor. Then the right knee with the left elbow and vice versa alternately.
These sports are light exercise that can be done everyday. Not only to get rid of pot belly this sport can also increase physical fitness. Then let's not lazy again to exercise so that the stomach becomes slim and the body becomes fit.


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