Save Token Electric

Why I always gone 200k rupiah every month?, I think and think. The reason is I was too wasteful to use electricity. And I start to think how use a electry with good and not wastefully. Let me show my tips

1. Change a Lamp house with LED Lamp.

LED type lights have the advantage of more energy efficiency, brighter, no heat, produce natural color of the object, and more durable. Which means that by using low electrical power, LED lights emit a brighter light equivalent to other lamps with greater electric power.

2. Unplug from plug if not in use.

Make sure you all unplug any electrical appliances including an unused mobile phone charger. Unplugging an unused electrical terminal may not cost much, But imagine how many electrical terminals are plugged in the house?. So don’t forget to pull it out. In addition to saving electricity also to prevent electrical short circuit that can result in fire.

                So, when I do these two tips. In this month my token electric can life for 2 weeks. And I just pay 150k for a token next month.


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