Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Today, I wacth film laskar pelangi. Laskar pelangi is a film about Muhammadiyah Gantong school was close about minim student, someday student was name lintang come and study in this school. Lintang have some friend was fight for the school  So as not to close. This film take shooting in Belitung island    And really love with they are shooting location. In the location have a nice view. And try to search in Instagram and a got some picture laskar pelangi shooting location. Its really beautiful for me. I got from Instagram account @BerryKusuma.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach Belitung has an area of ​​not less than 80 hectares dominated by white sand, The combination of white sand, granite rocks, and calm sea water creates beautiful panoramic beaches.

Compared to other beaches, Tanjung Tinggi Beach has white sand with the clearest water. Here we remain safe if you want to swim because the waves are small and quiet. Even between the rising tide and the tides the difference is very small. Sunset is the most beautiful moment in Tanjung Tinggi Beach Belitung.

 When I have much money and time, I will go to Belitung island. I will enjoy its beach and I will swim until sunset. hehe


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